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Hendon, located in the vibrant northwest of London, captivates with its eclectic mix of residential areas, commercial hubs, and lush green spaces. This dynamic neighborhood buzzes with a multicultural energy, attracting individuals from all walks of life.

At the heart of Hendon lies the renowned Brent Cross Shopping Centre, a retail haven that tantalises with a myriad of shops. From high-end favourites like Waitrose, Marks & Spencer, and the iconic John Lewis & Fenwick, to unique boutiques and specialty stores, retail therapy takes on a whole new meaning here. If you crave a more local shopping experience, the bustling Brent Street awaits, beckoning with its intriguing selection of stores.

Beyond its commercial allure, Hendon boasts a wealth of green spaces. Hendon Park, provides open fields, sports facilities, and vibrant playgrounds for individuals and families alike.

Transportation in Hendon is a breeze, ensuring you’re effortlessly connected to the rest of London. Hendon Central station, served by the Northern Line, grants you quick access to the heart of London, effortlessly whisking you away to work or any destination your heart desires.

In Hendon, a tapestry of cultures blends seamlessly, creating an irresistible allure. The community’s spirit is palpable, and the possibilities are endless. Prepare to be captivated by the edgy charm and dynamic lifestyle that define this extraordinary neighbourhood.

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The Brookdales Bathroom


The Plan

We received planning permission to erect 6 townhouses to be built over the existing garages and to build a new refuse area, including the relocation of the refuse area to the entrance of the estate. Also, we will be providing a new cycle store located in the existing refuse area.

The Townhouses

These units will be four x 2 bed and two x 3 bed units, all with access to amenity space behind the garages. Access to these units will be via a central staircase (currently garage 10) which will lead up to a communal walkway.

The Refuse Area

This is being relocated next to the barrier entrance of the estate. Refuse collectors will have coded street access which will result in no more rubbish trucks entering the estate. We were aware that such trucks were previously causing a nuisance.
The old refuse area held 4 bins and we are aware of the overflow problems occurring multiple times every week, causing some problems with non-collection of certain rubbish. To tackle this issue, we will be increasing the size of the new refuse area to hold 8 bins, this will be a combination of 4 general and 4 recycling waste.


All remaining trees at the Brookdales are protected by a Tree Preservation Order and have been fenced off accordingly to make sure my sub-contractors keep their distance and that no harm comes to them. The one tree that we took down two weeks ago was not a protected tree: a pre-commencement condition meant that we had to provide a full survey on all trees within the estate and following that survey that particular tree was diagnosed as being a threat to the North Circular Road due to it being hollow at the base of the trunk.
Once the 6 townhouses are built, we will commission a landscaper to replant trees along the north circular boundary. Also, we will be erecting a 2-metre acoustic fence along the length of the boundary to aid sound suppression.

Car Park

Some of you have voiced concerns about the parking situation. For your information any resident of these new townhouses will have first right to rent a garage to store any additional vehicles. The second right to rent these garages will go to you the existing residents. In addition, we will be providing 3 Electric Vehicle charging points on the estate for all electric car lovers out there.
We believe the state of the car park before we arrived on site was abysmal which we understand to have been the case for many years now, and to put it right it would normally incur a charge to all owners. This cost could easily total in excess of £100,000 at current material and labour prices. As a gesture of goodwill, Bishops will re-tarmac the entire car park and repaint all parking bays.


Our programme of works has an estimated completion date of March/April 2023. With all your co-operation I hope that we can stick to this schedule with little, if any delays.

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